About Me

I'm Kim Spiezio.  I am passionate about helping you to create a home and a lifestyle in which you can thrive.  I enjoy helping people maximize their potential and create a living environment that best suits and expresses who they are.

I work as a Realtor in the North Atlanta area.  My day-to-day interactions introduce me to many different kinds of people.  I enjoy getting to know them, solving problems and getting my clients to their next stage of life.  Frequently, a change in a home coincides with a big life change... a new job, a change in marital status, a growing family, retirement, etc.  It's my job to get a clear understanding of my client's goals and to make the transition as smooth as possible.


With a background in finance, small business management, marketing, human resource development, interior and exterior design, residential construction and real estate, as well as being a mom, career-woman, home-maker, community volunteer, self-help junkie, divorcee, daughter, friend, sister, animal-lover, people lover, gardener, decorator, world traveler, athlete, writer, avid reader and spiritual person... my diverse journey has led me to this mission. I believe that working through challenges is the path to growth and that if we seek to understand, there is a rich and fulfilling path in mind for each of us.


I hope that what I share here can help you along your path... and that I keep learning from all of you.

"What is a college?  An institute of learning...

What is a business?  An institute of learning...

Life, itself, is an institute of learning."

-Thomas Edison


Contact Me:

Info@kimspiezio.com                 www.kimspiezio.atlantafinehomes.com